Three Quick Hacks to Improve English Fluency — Breaking Stereotypes

The Usual advice that the experts and others give out is to :

  1. Try Reading English Books, Newspaper and Magazines;
  2. Practice with others, even if you make mistakes;
  3. Be Committed to achieving your goal.

The above advice are without a doubt, the working methods. Yet, it may / may not make the learning process enjoyable.

Here are the three quick hacks to help you develop your language:

Many suggest that you read a lot of books, try to converse a lot. However, I have never enjoyed reading a book in my life. At least up until the first year of my work. Yet, my language was good back then too.

1. The point is — Do something you absolutely love that can be related with English;

Do you like to watch movies? Watch English movies, even if it is with subtitles. You like to listen to music? Listen to English songs. Do you like to read holy books? Go, get an English version of them. Hell, you like to chat a lot? Chat in English, with people who cannot speak the same tongue as yours.

2. Speak to yourself

When we try to speak with someone, there is always one thing of the other that may happen. Friends may tease us, our family wouldn’t understand sometimes ( can’t help it) and a few more difficulties do prevail. However, you can always speak to yourself about it.

Let’s say, you like a dialogue in the movie:

For example:

This scene from taken has a humongous fan base. Just this or any other movie. Watch it. There might be at least one dialogue or the other you might really like, the way the character says it. Try Imitating it. Say it the exact way they say it. Keep saying it till you sound the same.

Look into the mirror. Audition with yourself. This help you gain confidence as well — Trust Me.

3. Breaking the Myth:

There is a common myth at least among us, that if you use words …Read More



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Joshua Infant

Joshua Infant

On days, I read a lot, write what I’m certain about and learn what I do not know. However, at night I dress up like a bat and terrorize the city. I’m Batman.