The Apple Mindset: 5 Things you must learn from Apple Inc

Joshua Infant
2 min readSep 20, 2020

Here are 5 Things you must learn from Apple:

1. Sometimes, Simplicity is the Key

One of the key philosophies of Apple is their simplicity; Simplified user experience actually means that there is a lot of work put behind the scenes. Did you know that an Apple pen when kept on rest does not completely keep moving and always rests on it’s top showing ” Apple Pencil”.

There is a huge amount of efforts behind the weight distribution of the pencil. Apple has gone beyond limits to provide a simplified yet comfortable user experience.

2. Pay Attention to Details

Apple focuses on the little details, like their new phone box. It is not fast enough for the phone to fall, nor is it too slow to make the un-boxing boring. It is at the right level to keep you anticipated and excited when you unbox your new iPhone.

4K + 60FPS Video Recording is not really 4K + 60 — It is 4K + 120 FPS really

Adding to that, Apple’s iPhone 11 sports a 4K HD Video Recording with 60 FPS. For this to happen, they have to record it actually at 120 FPS to optimize and give you a 60FPS. Other companies would make a big fuzz about it whereas Apple simply showcase their feature not really explaining or bragging about it.

Mind your own Business

Other Smartphone brands including Google has always given a slight reference to the competitors.

Google Pixel, when announced was mockingly named as ” Just Black, Very Silver and Really Blue” making a reference to how other companies name them. Apple just does not care about it. Apple only delivers a presentation about their product and launches them like there are no other smartphone brands that exists in its timeline.

3. To Add Value to your field of Interest

Did you know that there are 5 Million followers in Twitter for Apple and they haven’t made a single tweet? Yet, Read more



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