The 6 Types of Smartphone Users: Which one are you?

Joshua Infant
4 min readOct 12, 2020


Disclaimer: You could very well be a mix of one or more types of mobile users; Read more to find out!

The Photographers:

The kind of people who are more focused towards checking out the camera spec and get attracted even if the phone has got a beautiful extra camera. They may or may not know about the camera spec in detail but would be emotionally satisfied sporting an extra camera; Their galleries are filled with selfies, screenshots of photo ideas and clouds, plants and flowers mostly. They tinker a lot with the camera app.

There is also a separate species who do not really take a lot of pictures like they actually would like to, but end up buying high spec smartphones.

Productivity Pro(s)

The people who are most concerned with their phones for work; They check out the mailing experience; Their galleries are mostly filled with marketing / posters and family forwards; They do not find time to sort out their galleries and use the “notes” in their phones way too much than any other category; They may not mostly like to have games;

Their YouTube history is something that the others wouldn’t want to even take a peak; Most in this category prefer a decent spec smartphone that could cost around Rs. 25K + very well. Presentations and Word documents are their jam and productivity is the bread and butter that they eat with.

Gaming Freaks

They intend to use their phone only for gaming; Their YouTube history is filled with gaming channels; Mature ones also look for new gaming tech, but there are others who use it bluntly for their gaming pleasures;

There is also a species that wakes up, starts gaming and sleeps again while charging again; These creatures do not have a sole purpose but only to exist; A large populous joined this category during the lockdown without much things to turn to.

Social Butterfly

People who check their phones for social media updates every fall into these category. Constant social media usage is part of their daily lives they can’t function properly without a smartphone. That type of people who enjoy taking up selfie before their favorite food at a restaurant, post mandatory pictures on festivals and at least take one to selfies per day and socialize a lot. Many of them were found to lock their phones more than the other species in the list.

Content Creators

The people who prefer a decent spec smartphone. Their galleries are filled with screenshots of good designs and content. They coud be meme templates, design templates or full of quote creator apps and beautiful backgrounds with photo editors; They also fall into a part of social media butterfly but for their work purpose; This species is a part butterfly and part productivity freak; There is a tremendous increase in this populous in the last 4 years;


People who don’t use their phones for anything other than its intended purposes. People with feature phones that don’t feel the need for an android or an iOS phone. I have personally known a set of priests who use iPhones and even Apple watches but they’ve told me they hardly use it. They are in this generation most likely downsizing in population; They would want a phone that calls, gets their bank statement sent to them via SMS and rarely use calculator and may sometimes out of boredom play YouTube or Facebook for their entertainment. Most of our Moms and grandmothers these days fall into this category;

Thanks for sticking to us in till the end; Do comment what type of user are you and tell us if you’d be more interested to read more such content.

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