One Rupee Scam: The Biggest Scam in the History of India


On the 67th day of my travel to college, I boarded a government bus due to a minor issue in my commute. I had Rs.55 ( One 50 Rupee Note & a 5 Rupee Coin). The ticket from my house to the college bus stop is Rs. 9. I’d given 10. Got a ticket for Rs.9. The conductor didn’t have Re.1 balance. I was okay. Now, I had 40 rupees note and a 5 rupee coin.

I took the share auto to the main block of the college, the ticket was Rs.4 and I gave the 5 rupee coin and he didn’t have the change either.

This happened over and over again until one day.

I started feeling like a read more



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Joshua Infant

Joshua Infant

On days, I read a lot, write what I’m certain about and learn what I do not know. However, at night I dress up like a bat and terrorize the city. I’m Batman.