Know, before LOVE!

10.Be expressive:

You being upset is going to bother her the most. She is going to drive herself crazy trying to make you talk or try to brighten up your mood.*Men tend to sort out their problems mostly on their own. They don’t like sharing it.* Just remember sharing doesn’t make you weak and she isn’t gonna make fun of your vulnerability. Being expressive is going to make her feel that you trust her, which she is going to be really proud of. In case you don’t feel like sharing, at least tell her she isn’t the cause for your behavior and assure her you will be alright.

9.Be observant:

Girls love talking and they are going to be super descriptive. They take pride in the fact that “My guy/ bestie knows everything about me”. Try to at least remember things that she repeatedly says. And she is going to expect you to know that she is upset when she isn’t that talkative as she usually is. Mostly girls do expect guys to magically remember what they did wrong and apologize. I know that’s impossible. Try asking her calmly, she would blurt out what was actually hurting her from the inside.

8.Surprises at times:

She wouldn’t expect much, but it would make her feel loved and valued. It’s a great way of expressing your love than with mere words. Your time, your attention, you looking into her eyes and saying those magical 3 words could change a lot for her.

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Joshua Infant

Joshua Infant

On days, I read a lot, write what I’m certain about and learn what I do not know. However, at night I dress up like a bat and terrorize the city. I’m Batman.