3 Effortless ways of building your Brand on Instagram

1. Content Planning and Consistency

Content is King; No matter how wide your niche is, if the content is not of high quality, it will all be close to nothing. Rather creating tailored contents for the audience, create content that is share worthy and entertaining. The more your video / carousel and photo is being looked at, the more of you Instagram would show that particular user.

2. Networking

Do not randomly text/ tag the other brands and pages. Create trust worthy elements in your page; A behind-the-scenes post; A fun A/V; Show people who you are and talk to them; comment them and support the other brands that are trying to make it. Give shout outs and repost often with their consent; This way, you will also be able to get content for a few days to engage your audience and also keep in touch with the fellow participants;

3. Promotions

Do not rely completely on Instagram for promoting your brand. Try various means, figure out where your audience might be in; their demographics and geographic position before targeting and plan accordingly.



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Joshua Infant

Joshua Infant

On days, I read a lot, write what I’m certain about and learn what I do not know. However, at night I dress up like a bat and terrorize the city. I’m Batman.