2 Simple Reasons Why Illuminati might be Real

Illuminati — A discreet society of powerful men and women who aim to serve a greater purpose by controlling most things happening in the society;

The following is based on the above textbook definition of “Illuminati” and why illuminati might be real

Until a few months ago, Just like most of you I thought this concept may well just be a theatrical conspiracy theory, but after inspecting some of the events, I am here to convince you with 2 simple reasons that they might as well be real as anything else.

Reliance Jio

A few years ago, I paid Rs.365 for 1 GB of Data in Airtel for a Month. One fine evening, the whole youth populous was shook knowing that they could use free internet for lifetime with a minimal occasional recharges with JIO. If anyone had asked, ” Can you live without the Internet?” during those years, the answer was a pretty simple yes. However, currently it’s not a question of ” Can you live without the Internet?”. it has turned out to be, ” How long can you live without internet?”. This, is the first argument that postulates that we have been seasoned and conditioned to do something we didn’t even think we’d be in the first place.

This is just a corporate set up that changed an entire nation in their habits of using the internet. A small group of people controlling an entire nation as to how they use their phone. Sounds like Illuminati could be real isn’t it? Read the next shocking one that made a similar experience but without giving away anything for free.

The Big Plan

The second argument in simple is ….read more



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